Drawing & Painting Senior Invitational

Lightwell Gallery
October 18, 2017 to October 21, 2017

New works by senior-level undergraduates, selected by the faculty of the CVAD Drawing and Painting Program.


Opening Reception
October 19, 5-7 pm

About the exhibition

The CVAD Drawing and Painting program invites you to their annual Senior Invitational exhibition. Eighteen senior-level undergraduate art students will exhibit new works, selected for their excellence by Drawing and Painting faculty. D&P majors study not only drawing and painting, but also art appreciation, art history, design, printmaking and other studio art areas. Students spend a majority of their academic time in studio classes creating original works of art, studying aspects of the field, and examining techniques in a variety of art media. The B.F.A. with concentration in Drawing and Painting prepares students to become either a self-employed artist or to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Participating Artists

Schell Taylor                
Ricardo Orozco                 
Eugenia Carmona        
Marianna Seaton        
Zoe Levy                       
Michelle Hinojosa              
Sarah Barnett                   
Evaughn Coleman         
Elisha Smith                 
Courtney Nixon                
Danielle Kotzer   
Kevin Contreras
Taylor Baer
Courtney Packer
Madison Underwood
Jennifer Lindquist
Juliette Vaissiere
Kendall Bose

CVAD Drawing and Painting Program Faculty

Laura Beard
Matthew Bourbon
Jim Burton
Christian Fagerlund
Robert Jessup
Lauren Lake
Annette Lawrence
Art Pena