NAEA Members' Exhibition

Cora Stafford Gallery
October 18, 2017 to October 21, 2017

A biannual tradition, featuring new works by current members of the UNT undergraduate student chapter of the National Art Education Association.


Opening Reception
October 21, 5-7 pm

About the exhibition

The UNT undergraduate chapter of the National Art Education Association invites you to their biannual Members’ Show. The NAEA consists solely of Art Education majors, who are also practicing artists and enjoy opportunities to display their current works.

About the UNT NAEA

Actively committed to promoting art education, the NAEA strives to enrich the lives of children through arts programs held at local schools, advocacy for the arts, and donations to the community. The purposes of the organization are:

  1. To provide a smooth transition from art education preparation to professional practice
  2. To raise and maintain a high standard of quality of art education on campus and in the community
  3. To gain greater insight and perspective about the teaching of art and contemporary concepts in art education
  4. To sponsor field trips and speakers that will expand the professional understanding of art education in Texas and throughout the nation
  5. To promote an exchange of ideas between other art education institutions of higher education

More Information

Visit the UNT NAEA student chapter’s Facebook page: