String Theory

Lightwell Gallery
October 11, 2017 to October 14, 2017

Senior undergraduates in the CVAD Fibers Program exhibit works in a variety of mediums and materials, including weaving, screenprinting, and natural dyes.


October 12
Opening Reception, 5-7 pm

About the Exhibition

String Theory, the culminating BFA exit review for UNT's seniors in the CVAD Fibers program, celebrates an artistic practice derived not from an end goal but from the journey of exploration. This exhibition marks the end of collegiate studies and signals the beginning of a new chapter of artistic endeavors.

This group of artists came into the Fibers Program in the same year, and have worked together in the same classes, developed individual styles from a shared language. While working together, each student has gravitated to aspects of the program that best represent individual concepts and aethetics, thus creating a diverse collection of works that are fundamentally connected by process and medium. This show explores a variety of mediums and materials, including weaving, screenprinting, and natural dyes. Exhibited works focus on how artists' extensive processes and methodologies shape the outcome of their final pieces. The artists want to push viewers’ ideas of the relationship between craft and fine art, as their processes are frequently based in ancient “craft” techniques, yet they strive to push the outcomes into the modern realm of “art.”

About the Artists

Molly Beaufait is a mixed media artist working with fabric, acrylic, and thread to explore her reluctant relationship with reality. Her work focuses on mark-making to discuss obsession, repetition, and control, and takes the form of mixed media art quilts or hand dyed woven wall pieces. Beaufait forces herself to relinquish control over aspects of her work, creating a juxtaposition between control and release that she explores in her pieces. Beaufait is currently a student at the University of North Texas where she will earn a BFA in Fibers. Beaufait has exhibited in group shows in the DFW area and internationally in the Weaving Stories Exhibition in Kuwait. She has worked as a collaborator with the Dallas Museum of Art to create artwork and present research for the “Batiks of Java” exhibition. She recently attended the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.

Jennifer Silvey is currently a Denton based artist with plans to return to her roots on the East Coast. She draws inspiration from the concepts of containment, of a connection to a separated family, and the concept of safety and fragility. Jennifer's main interest is in functional art that is lived in and loved. She believes that the love and spirit of the user is just as important as the love and time the maker spends creating the piece.

Madison Burrell is a Fine Arts student at the University of North Texas who uses traditional fibers techniques as a basis for her work. Burrell works with the dichotomy of how we are perceived by others versus how we perceive ourselves. She believes no one, whether purposeful or not, expresses what they are really feeling or thinking, especially herself. Her work is made intuitively using color and form to mirror the experience of turning the internal into something physical. Burrell has participated in multiple group shows including the Weaving Stories Exhibition in Kuwait and the Fold Unfold Exhibition in Athens, Georgia.

Samantha Cooper is a Dallas based artist that is most interested in encaustic and fiber art. Her work focuses around the ideas of the deconstruction and revelations of memories. Cooper has been in several group and solo shows. Her most recent solo show was in Dallas December 2016. The show was called You Are My Sunshine and explored the darker sides of memories that were not revealed until the future. In spring of 2016 Cooper took part in a collective work called Tamsterari where she combines her mixed media practices with more installation techniques. Currently Cooper’s work will be seen a in the show Veracity this Spring. All of her work can be seen on her website, or can be seen in person at MAD in Preston Hollow, Dallas.

Eric Olivo is Fashion Design-turned Fibers student at The University of North Texas and has learned to combine his knowledge of both Fashion and Fibers in his work. Olivo is heavily influenced by music, pop culture, and underground subcultures such as drag. His work focuses primarily on color and uses screen printing techniques in his work to pay homage to the Pop Art movement. Olivo often works with themes of gender and sexuality, and believes in being all-inclusive of minorities: women, the LGBT+ community, people of color, and people that lie at the various intersections of these identities. Through his work he makes these people more visible and celebrates their identities.

Shelby Santoscoy is a young practicing artist in the Fiber Arts field. She is expected to graduate from the University of North Texas in December of 2017 with a BFA in Fiber Arts. Her art focuses on the processes of natural dyes and fiber art techniques. Shelby collects plant material from the North Texas area to use in her work. She has a spiritual connection to the plants used and the therapeutic process of creating. Shelby wants the viewers of her artwork to value her process from the point of collecting materials, to extracting color, and making cloth. She established her own business, Good Fibrations in 2014, after being introduced to fiber arts. You can find Good Fibrations at, Denton Community Market, the Dime Store, as well as other markets and trunk shows in the North Texas Area. Shelby has received the 2017 Undergraduate Research Fellow Scholarship for her research in the UNT Natural dye Garden, where she often volunteers. Her work has been shown internationally, as a permanent part of the Weaving Stories exhibition in Kuwait. She teaches workshops on natural dyes, macramé, and embroidery techniques in Denton TX.