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Yuni Lee - Hybrid Evolution

MFA Drawing & Painting

Feb 10, 2016 - Feb 13, 2016

Yun Jung (Yuni) Lee

I am fascinated by the interactions that can be found between the organic and the geometric. This difference is often observed in the contrast of nature and human invention. In my paintings, I attempt to distill the complexities of these two themes juxtaposed; in an effort to relay the subtleties and feelings of organic and linear relationships.

My South Korean cultural upbringing, as well as my time abroad have shaped and influenced my interests. The differences in my daily life here in America, versus my childhood in South Korea formed a seeming dichotomy. Practically however, it was an inspiration. I have been able to find characteristics I enjoy from Korean Traditional artsuch as from the Chosun period (1392-1910) Minwha, or folk artand combine that with themes of color, shape, and pattern from various multicultural and western contemporary artists, such as Beatriz Milhazes and the Pattern and Decoration movement. Utilizing the rhythmic and psychedelic qualities of color and pattern, and translating that with cultural ideas of tempo, space, and organic and geometric shape. I attempt to create art which speaks to both ends of the spectrum of natural and artificial, with an eye for compositional and thematic balance which relays the functional and thematic differences inherent between them.

My recent works emphasize freedom by using mixed media and a technique with less control than my earlier style. I seek to discover the familiar and strange in elegant patterns. In my work I choose natural paradigms: flowers, trees, leaves, fruit, and animals from nature, modifying their shapes. My goal is to create an environment where the viewer engages with the piece by allowing their own visual, and culture experiences to influence their view of the outcome of the form and its future possibilities. 

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